About Me


I am a writer specialising in travel, health and history. My portfolio includes commissioned walking guides, city guides, online and print features, guest blogging and copywriting. Areas of particular interest include South West England where I am based. I also have specialist expertise in cardiovascular disease and am a Registered Nurse.

When my grandfather was 82 years old he gave me his camera after a lifetime of travel. He ran away to sea aged 15 and even when he left the Navy he continued his passion for travel and the ocean by cruising all over the world. I remember being spellbound by his tales of African safaris, Asian ports with exotic markets, and intriguing cities.

“It’s your turn to see the world now,” he said, pressing the camera into my hand, “You can take the pictures for me to see.”

And so I continued to travel and have visited around 60 countries learning about the culture, the food, history and more. There is of course, always somewhere new to discover.